Alang ship breaking yard located on the western coast of Gulf of Cambay, in the western part of India, is the largest ship-recycling yard in the world. It was inception in 1982. Alang has become as one of the choicest ship-scrapping destinations for the ship owners around the world. Hundreds of ships from all over the world find their final resting place in Alang every year. There are 185 plots to carry out the ship-recycling activities. This activity forms an industry by itself , as it provides around 30,000 jobs in Alang itself and generates steel totaling to millions of tons every year. That too, with minimum consumption of electricity. If we examine these bare facts from the ecological point of view, it amounts to saving of huge amount of non-cyclic and precious mineral reserves like coal, petroleum etc.

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It is therefore, one of the most lucrative industry. It also contributes to ecological balance.

A see-through truth, as each and every ship scrap is valued by one or another. Millions of tons of steel is recycled by re-rolling mills. Many mechanical spares find their applications in one way or other. Various electrical components hold special value for the fixed set of customers. And the list goes on. A truly strong platform then, to promote re-usability of products which are otherwise considered to be SCRAP.

Also deserves special compliments as many of these do not require re-processing and so no incidence to consume power and water. Saves Power, Saves Water and in turn..... It Saved Earth.

Needless to say, at Gujarat Maritime Board, Alang holds special significance. Perfectly befitting the noble cause for which it is known and the immense potential it holds. The dedicated office of port officer at Alang and a separate department with committed staff of qualified administrators engineers at head office, manage the day-to-day activities at Alang. Under the direct & meticulous supervision of the Chief Executive Officer. A special computerized Alang Information System (AIS) is devised to facilitate speedy communication between Alang and the head office.

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