Lok Bharti is a college of rural higher education - the first college of its kind in Gujarat, Lok Bharti started its activities in the year 1953. This Lokseva Mahavidyalaya, dedicated rural higher education is unique in many ways.

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It is a rural revolution that imparts higher education to people who need it most It promotes a unique self sufficient lifestyle that strives to improve every aspect of people's lives in rural India.

Pursuing Mahatma Gandhi's vision of a strong, self sufficient, rural India as a bulwark of a dynamic nation, Lok Bharti spreads the ray of light to remote corners of rural India. Becoming a mission of hope and self-reliance through higher education and self help. Today, the mission needs your help to continue the unique work.

Extend your hand today, and help to transform someone's Life.

Visit www.lokbharti.org

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