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Recipe Khaman Dhokla Instant 

Two cups of Besan (Gram Flour) corseOne Cup of Semolina (Ravo).
Three cups of curdTwo teaspoon OilPinch of Asfoetida ( Hing)Green Chilies 2/3 ( cut into small pisces)Salt as per taste.
/4 teaspoonfull Baking Soda (SodaBicarbonate ) or Eno"s Fruit Salt


Mix Besan and Suji well with curd. thoroughly well.
Put a pinch of Hing and salt in it.
add some Soda bicarbonate (baking Soa)  and Mix the batter again.
Grease Thali with oil.
Pour Batter in it.
Keep it on steamer for about 10 minutes.
After 10 minutes to check if it is cooked. put a knife into it , if it comes out clean , it is cooked.
Cut them into square shapes.
Mix. One spoon of oil , Hing , heat it and pour it on pieces.
Serve hot with green coriander (Kothmir ) chutney.
Generally Dhoklas need fermentation and so the preparation takes time but these are instant


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